About Us

Hi, Im Donna!

I have been delivering First Aid Courses for all types of industries since 2002.  As mentioned I have been working with Allens Training as one of their trainers during this time. As a busy parent of 2 with my son and teenage daughter, who competes in hockey, we have travelled all around Australia and I have been called on many times to apply first aid to injuries in the sporting field. I really enjoy delivering first aid as anyone can learn first aid, a skill for life that you may actually use one day just to do that. Assist to save a life!

In fact here is a letter I received last week from a previous student

You would not believe this but last night I had to do first aid on my daughter, we were in the car on the way home from school.
She had a lolly in her mouth it was a hard lolly, all of a sudden she started to choke. She was not making any noise. I pulled over very quickly, stayed calm and lent her forward and started to apply sharp blows on her back between the shoulder blades.
On the third blow the lolly came out. It was very scary at the time for both of us.
I started to remember what you said that it could happen to you one day doing First Aid on your family.
Thank you so much for the great training you did for us. So happy that I had my refresher.
Thank you again.

I taught Rohan First Aid two days prior to this happening!

My training philosophy is to keep it simple and I always keep in mind… new students who have never dealt with CPR or even touched a manikin. I understand some people do not learn first aid because they are not comfortable and unsure of what to do in emergency situations. Therefore I really work on your confidence to be able to know what to do and perform in any emergency situation that can occur.

You can find out more about my training through reading previous testimonials of students and reviews on my Facebook page.

Previous clients who I have delivered training to include Childcare employees, State Rail employees, the Military, Police Academy students and Public Service, and hundreds of individuals, families throughout Canberra, Sydney and Central West NSW.

Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO90909. Donna’s Training is also proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.

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